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Personal branding consultant Ellen Looyen

Personal Branding

Ellen coaches individuals, groups and work teams to confidently articulate the tangible ROI (Return on Investment) of their work, in writing, online and in-person (without feeling like their “tooting their own horn”). More…

Keynote Speaking

Ellen captivates audiences by teaching them how to tune up their personal impact, tell a compelling personal brand story about their unique value and manage the impressions they leave behind. More…

Team Brand-Building

Make a name for your team (internally and externally)! Improve overall engagement, morale and buy-in, by creating a compelling team brand to enhance visibility, credibility and influence (with your colleagues and customers, alike). More…

eLearning & Webinars

Your two greatest professional assets are your personal brand and your ability to articulate your special talents and accomplishments. Attend Ellen’s eLearning webinar or DIY and document your unique contribution of value. More…

You already have a personal brand… Whether you’re managing it or not!

When people hear your name…
several perceptions instantly come to mind.

Are they the perceptions YOU would choose?

If not, they should be.
Your career might just depend on it!

Ellen’s instantly downloadable, e-learning program, helps you articulate your uniqueness and value and examine your impact on those you most want to influence. From start-to-finish, you will be expertly guided in creating an outstanding brand, in words, in-person and online. Upon completion, you will have created the best version of yourself, be perceived as a more credible and confident leader and become an opportunity magnet!

See Ellen’s 33+ Linkedin Recommendations

Global 4 Week Webinar Starts Oct. 8, 2014
(recommended for both men and women and their work teams)

Receive Ellen’s Complete eLearning Program, Plus 6 hours of LIVE Group Coaching
for ONLY $299

Personal Branding Webinar

Ellen’s complete, 2-Module, “My Personal Brand Advantage,”
DIY, self-paced, eLearning program is included in the registration fee.

Ellen’s eLearning Webinar Program is Endorsed By:

Cisco Systems; Kaiser Permanente; The Professional Business Women of CA and the San Francisco Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center.

I LOVED Ellen’s 8-Week Personal Branding Webinar! She provided a terrific step-by-step process which enabled me to really understand my core competencies, my unique value and my impact on others. Ellen is passionate, highly creative and very insightful; and I highly recommend all professionals take her course.

– Leah Whitman, IBM Sales Executive