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Personal branding consultant Ellen Looyen

Personal Brand Coaching

Ellen coaches individuals, groups and work teams to confidently articulate the tangible ROI (Return on Investment) of their work, in writing, online and in-person (without feeling like they are “tooting their own horn”). More…

Keynote Speaking

Ellen captivates audiences by teaching them how to tune up their personal impact, tell a compelling personal brand story about their unique value and manage the impressions they leave behind. More…

Team Brand-Building

Make a name for your team (internally and externally)! Improve overall engagement, morale and buy-in, by creating a compelling team brand to enhance visibility, credibility and influence (with your colleagues and customers, alike). More…

Business Branding

Your two greatest professional assets are your personal brand and your ability to articulate your special talents and accomplishments. Attend Ellen’s eLearning webinar or DIY and document your unique contribution of value. More…

You already have a personal brand… Whether you’re managing it or not!

When people hear your name… several perceptions instantly come to mind.

Are they the perceptions YOU would choose? If not, they should be.

Your career might just depend on it!

Ellen and her bestselling book were featured in a 2-page interview in the very prestigious “CEO Forum” magazine’s special 10th Anniversary issue!

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Praise for Ellen and Her Book

 An Amazon Bestseller! 

Unlike most personal branding books, this book is about taking a profound journey into your own uniqueness and value as a professional (as well as a human being).

Ellen’s step-by-step brand and influence-building tools were designed for anyone who wants to move ahead in their profession, climb the corporate ladder or attract new clients.

Ellen promises her Readers, “By the time you finish reading (and completing the exercises in this book), you will no doubt, be ‘broadcasting’ the very best version of yourself and your compelling personal brand will be irresistible to those you wish to influence!”

Branding is a misunderstood science/art and one of the keys to success. Ellen breaks down one of the most important aspects of life and business into a spectacular array of concepts and helpful models to execute on a powerful brand. My global companies live or die by these principles – you should take them seriously.

Kane Mincus, #1 Best-Selling Author & International Brand Laureate Award Recipient

Your brand is what people think of you when you aren’t there. This insight alone helped me to triple my business within a year of working with Ellen. You don’t need a sales pitch when you have a brand that does your talking for you. Ellen’s work has inspired me to bring more passion, clarity, humility, and authenticity to my work; and her book will do the same for you.

Sarah Tolson, Certified Financial Planner TM

Easy and fun to read, this book goes beyond the typical branding exercises and provides unique and insightful tools to communicate your value confiently and authentically. A little gem of a book that can be read again and again as one evolves in their professional and personal journey.

Menexia Tsoubeli, Ph.D., Director R&D, Campbell’s Soup Company

Creating and sustaining an inclusive environment starts with great leaders who are highly self-aware and who have mastered self-leadership. Ellen’s personal branding book is a must read for anyone who wants to distinguish themselves as a world-class leader who inspires diversity, inclusion and innovation.

– Stacè Middlebrooks Head of Diversity & Inclusion Southern California Edison (SCE)

At last! Professional branding defined! A great story about creating your brand through finding your true and unique self. Ellen’s book is an interesting, useful and valuable guide to changing the way you view, acknowledge and leverage your talents.

– Amanda Page, Change Lead, Cisco, UK

Receive Expert Coaching with Ellen Looyen

Personal Branding Webinar

Receive a FREE Chapter Excerpt from Ellen’s Bestselling Book!

Ellen Looyen, America’s Leader in Personal Branding brings over two decades of branding expertise to her readers. She has branded divisions of major corporations, launched countless startups and has helped thousands of people (in over 60 countries) advance their corporate careers.

Ellen is a frequent Brand Commentator for CBS News, The Wall Street Journal and KGO Radio; and some of her clients include: Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, eBay, Visa, SAP, Oracle and Campbell’s Soup Company.

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Ellen’s eLearning Webinar Program is Endorsed By:

Cisco Systems; Kaiser Permanente; The Professional Business Women of CA and the San Francisco Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center.


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