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What’s Missing from Your Personal Brand

 By: Ellen Looyen,  “America’s Leader in Personal Branding”

The 8 elements for expanding influence in personal brandingMost people spend so much time creating the outer look of their Personal Brand, that they often neglect the inner ‘elements’ which actually make them most ‘attractive’ to those they want to influence.  Since first impressions are based more on feelings than on facts, your Personal Brand needs to instantly make a positive emotional connection. So, before people can logically absorb the value you provide, they need to have a ‘warm’ feeling about you.


“We Convince by Our Presence”…Walt Whitman

Emotional connection (made in the feeling, right side of the brain), is the key to successful branding, because people need to like and trust a brand before they are willing to engage with one. When you are fully present (without the distractions of a busy, worrying or critical mind), you feel and observe more of the world around you; and it’s much easier to connect emotionally and authentically with others.


Warmth is the Key to a Successful Personal Brand

And that’s because warm people feel more authentic, present and much easier to relate to.In my popular eLearning programs, I have de-constructed what “warmth” is and how to cultivate more of it (along with the rest of my “8 Elements for Expanding Influence”…the inner essentials for Personal Branding Success).


The research proves that I was on the right track all along, re: Warmth and Influence! I recently read a great book, called “Compelling People” by John Neffinger and Matthew Kohut.  And after decades of research, they’ve concluded the following:


“It turns out that when we decide how we feel about someone, we are making not one judgment, but two.  The criteria that count are what we call “strength” and “warmth.”  Strength is a person’s capacity to make things happen with abilities and force of will.  When people project strength, they command our respect.  Warmth is the sense that a person shares our feelings, interests, and view of the world.  When people project warmth, we like and support them.


We all commonly use the word “warmth” to refer to a sense of belonging and feeling cared for.  The connection between that sentiment and a physical feeling of elevated temperature is universal.  Researchers have shown that just about every known human language uses warmth to mean “affection,” one of just a handful of “primary metaphors” shared widely across cultures around the world.”


An important part of personal branding and influence is to manage your ‘impact’ on people…and when you project warmth, and in-the-moment, Presence, you will naturally attract people who like you, trust you and want to work with you.


Ellen Looyen, “America’s Leader in Personal Branding” for over two decades, shares her secrets for building an irresistible and influential personal brand in her popular eLearning webinars. Her next 8-week Branding Webinar begins on Oct. 2, 2013.