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Comments from Happy Clients…

Ellen was an insightful and articulate mirror of our business purpose and approach. She has a unique ability to distill a direct and simple statement from complex business values, converting a marketing message into an arresting communication that brings results.

Robert Langford, Attorney/Director Dispute Management Resources, Inc.
It was a delight to work with a professional of Ellen’s talent. She was able to crystallize the essence of my work in a fresh, attractive brochure. Her text writing and graphic art coordination reflect the qualities so important in both our businesses – creativity and attention to detail.
Carlene Anderson, CKD Carlene Anderson Kitchen Design, Inc.

The feedback I have received from the brochure Ellen helped me create has been outstanding. The brochure gives me a more professional image and an edge on my competition. And best of all are the results – my business is up about 40%!

Ellen Looyen is an energetic and highly personable speaker. Her presentations are always custom designed and delivered to meet the needs and requirements of her audience.
Terry Heinzmann MeetingPlanner

I think she is great! Ellen is a talented teacher doing all the right things – preview, summary, motivation and empathy.
Carol A. Benet, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
I have been both a sponsor and attendee of Ellen’s unique website/brochure writing seminar, and found it to be one of the most useful seminars I have ever attended. The techniques she so enthusiastically teaches are easy to learn and very effective.

Dean Zatkowsky Kinko's Corporate

I found your Branding webinar to be inspirational, energizing and deeply thought provoking. I didn’t realize that this course was so much more than just “branding” as I understood it. I gained a deeper knowledge and awareness of myself and more importantly of others that will help me be more valuable and present “in the moment” which is where it counts!

I am truly inspired to rethink the way I plan to show up in all of my every day interactions and observe the world from the outside in. I am VERY interested in taking your advanced course to keep the 8 Elements top of mind as I continue on my personal development journey.

Buddha said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I guess I’m ready!!! You are an amazing instructor and I appreciated your time and patience not to mention your positive energy!

Thank YOU!

Kitty Cheeks Cisco Client Relations/Program Manager

Ellen has a way of capturing the audience’s attention with a rare combination of both charm and professional experience.

Jonni Biaggi San Luis Obispo Visitors and Conference Bureau

Ellen is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. Her very well-attended presentations were information-packed, and everyone discovered something that directly impacted their enterprise.

Rosemary Wright The Commonwealth Club of California

Ellen’s presentation was both informative and entertaining, providing our members with a great learning environment.

Dan Goldes San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau
Ellen led two very successful workshops for our members. She skillfully created an atmosphere in which people felt comfortable and were able to more effectively communicate.

Kelley Shields San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

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