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Personal Branding

Re-Energize Your Career with an Outstanding Personal Brand!

Ellen helped me communicate my value in a way that is true to me, yet inspiring and differentiating. She made a big impact on how I communicate my value; and she has helped me feel at ease in doing that. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to hire Ellen.

Menexia Tsoubeli, Ph.D.
VP, Research & Development,
Campbell’s Soup Company

Personal Branding is about how others perceive and experience you and the impression you leave behind. A critical tool for business and career success, your personal brand should convey the best version of yourself, communicate your uniqueness and value and energetically connect to those you want to influence.

-Ellen Looyen
“America’s Leader in Personal Branding”

Your company owns your job…But YOU own your career!

You already have a personal brand…
Whether you’re managing it or not!

When people hear your name… several perceptions instantly come to mind.

Are they the perceptions YOU would choose?

If not, they should be.
Your career might just depend on it!

Here’s What You’ll Receive from Ellen’s 3-Month
Private Coaching Program:

Module #1: Build Your Brand

Create the Best Version of Yourself!

In Module #1, you will examine your unique strengths, values and your impact on those you most want to influence; and craft an irresistible brand, with step-by-step instructions for writing compelling sound bites for your online profile, professional bio, business brochure /website.
Module #2: Be Your Brand

Position Yourself as a Leader in your Field!

In Module #2, you will get to examine the beliefs and behaviors that might be holding you back and tune up your “Emotional Intelligence” and “Executive Presence.” Employ Ellen’s “Eight Elements of Charismatic Influence” and project a more confident and powerful presence and a deep belief in your own value and abilities.

As a result of Ellen’s 3-month private, 1:1 coaching program you will:
Become the CEO of Your Personal Brand…

…And move up the corporate ladder by becoming a more emotionally intelligent, confident and influential Leader!

  • Create the best version of yourself (in words, online and in-person)
  • Articulate tangible ROI (Return on Investment) of your work contribution
  • Spotlight your special talents and accomplishments (without feeling like you’re “tooting your own horn”)
  • Craft a compelling personal branding statement, a LinkedIn profile and a professional bio (for internal and external networking) and receive live group feedback
  • Exude the confidence, emotional intelligence and “Executive Presence” of a powerful and persuasive leader

Contact Ellen for a Complimentary Branding Consultation.

Ellen’s approach to personal branding is clear, direct, and leads to a path of self-discovery. She provides a safe space for authentic discussion which opens the door to growth. She is intuitive and instinctive in asking powerful, thought provoking questions, as well as open and transparent. Ellen is passionate about her work and committed to her clients. Her system can shape one’s brand without compromising the uniqueness of the individual. As a coach it has been refreshing and motivating to be coached by Ellen.”

Stace Millender Global Inclusion and Diversity Leader at Cisco Systems

Ellen’s Linkedin Recommendations

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything”… It was one of the things that Ellen told us during an introduction Web seminar about personal branding… I was curious about what it really meant and wanted to know more… Here I am now a few months later, after this amazing coaching journey with Ellen and with a very powerful personal branding statement brilliantly crafted for me. On top of that, I have a fantastic new job which will allow me to live in harmony with my true self! I can say without any doubt that Ellen was instrumental in this amazing transformation. I have a strong sense of a future filled with good things: many successes and amazing experiences. Thank you Ellen for this wonderful gift!”
Celine Landry Professional Salesperson Quebec, Canada
The 8 elements for expanding influence in personal branding


Please contact Ellen to set up your 1:1 Complimentary Branding Consultation.