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Overcome Sales Objections the Charismatic Way!

Charismatic people know that in order to be successful, they must really listen to the objections that their prospects might have before hiring them or doing business with them.

by Ellen Looyen

Objections Lead to Understanding

An objection is a great opportunity to find out what’s really going on in your prospect’s mind. It’s an opportunity to hear about any doubts or concerns that your prospect may have about you or your offering.

People do not buy when they feel doubtful or uncertain, so overcoming objections one-by-one is critical for removing any obstacles to a sale. 

Answering Objections Clears the Path

Sometimes objections scare people…and they ignore them; and then they wonder why they did not make the sale. When your clients raise objections, you have a great opportunity to answer all of them, thus clearing the path for someone to buy your services.

Charismatic people think of a prospect’s objections merely as buying questions that still need answering.


Most objections fall into categories…

Price: It’s too expensive…it’s not in our budget…business is slow right now

Value: I’m not sure it will work for us…our needs are different than other companies

Fears: We hired someone just like you before and it didn’t work out…my staff will object to outside help

Excuses: They do not plan to buy anything and probably never did


Use These Three Words to Help You Understand Client Objections

The easiest way to handle objections is to confront them head-on, using the following three words:

Feel…”I understand how you feel.”

People want to feel really listened to and heard, regardless of whether what they are objecting to makes any rational sense; and empathy goes a long way in building a charismatic personal brand.

Felt…”Another client of mine used to feel the same way…until they worked with me or tried (insert your product name or service here) _______________________.

Found…”Now my client is benefiting in the following ways.”

You now get the opportunity to share a real success story (of someone who once had the same objection(s) as your doubting prospect…(but who now has become a raving champion of you and your work) I even like to share an actual hand-written client questionnaire that cites the same benefits that this prospect could have, too…but only if they hired me or used my product or service.


Always be asking yourself…What’s in it for my clients?

Learn to speak in value statements…think beneficial outcomes that get others to respond with “I need that”…”I want that”.

Articulating value is the most important part of branding…as people are constantly translating your message into, “What’s in it for me?” And your benefits must answer that question in a succinct, credible, emotionally connecting and memorable way.

Most people spend too much time defining what something is…and then explaining how it works. They describe the features and the functions, or how a process works.

We only care about something that’s relevant to us…when it becomes personal.

When you focus on your clients needs, you change the sales objections conversation from what you want to listening to your clients concerns. And this opens up the opportunity to thoughtfully answer their objections, clearing the way for a sale. This is the heart of overcoming sales objections the Charismatic Way!

Ellen Looyen, “America’s Leader in Personal Branding” has been in her own Branding, Marketing and Training business since 1988. She has helped all types of businesses (from entrepreneurial start-ups to major corporations, like Chevron), discover their unique Brand identity and articulate their value in a compelling and charismatic way. Ellen is the featured branding expert in the bestseller, “Get Clients Now” and is a frequent Branding Commentator on SF’s #1 radio station, KGO NewsTalk 810.