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Keynote Speaking

Ellen has “Sold Out” the prestigious San Francisco
Commonwealth Club (a Forum for Global Thought Leaders),
all four times she has spoken there!

Enhance Your Personal Impact and Influence!


Ellen presented her excellent interactive keynote to our marketing teams. Our folks had an “aha” moment when they realized they had a personal brand, whether they were actively managing it, or not! She helped us understand the importance of focusing on “how you show up every day” (in order to increase our personal effectiveness). We are looking forward to having Ellen continue her HP road show with another keynote next month.

Lori Lorenz
Director of Business Development, HP

Ellen inspires her audiences to become the very best version of themselves, as she teaches them how to tune up their personal impact, tell a compelling brand story about their unique value and exude the presence and charismatic influence of an inspiring leader.

Ellen is speaking about Personal Brand & Influence-Building to a “Standing Room Only” crowd at The Professional BusinessWomen of CA’s (PBWC’s) Annual San Francisco Convention (attended by 5,500 businesswomen).

Ellen’s Most Requested Talk Topics Include:

  • The Art of Personal Branding (Ellen’s signature interactive talk)

    “Your company owns your job, but YOU own your career!” Designed to help male & female Corporate Professionals (at all levels) advance their careers, by tuning up their personal impact and managing the impressions they leave behind (on those they most want to influence)

  • A Brand New Leadership

    Especially designed for Workforce Diversity Groups and High-Potential Women who need to create more visibility, credibility and influence to advance their careers

  • The Eight Elements of Influence

    For anyone who wants to enhance their Emotional Intelligence, Confidence and “Executive Presence”

  • NEW! A Brand New Team

    Ellen’s 8-week eLearning Team brand-building webinar helps work teams create a compelling team brand for more visibility, credibility and influence (both internally & externally)

Keynote speaker on career advancement for major corporations

Ellen has earned RAVE Speaker reviews at these leading companies!

Ellen Looyen speaking to US State Department Delegation of Female Economic Leaders.
Ellen spoke to a US State Department Delegation of Female Economic Leaders from 22 countries (closing their 3-week US Diplomatic Tour in San Francisco, which began at the UN with Chelsea Clinton).

Rave Reviews from Ellen’s Audiences:

“Ellen truly “knocked it out of the park” for us and we would not hesitate to bring her back!”

Ellen did a Keynote on ‘Personal Branding’ for employees at our HQ. We were astounded by the way Ellen effectively shared her decades of experience in a highly engaging, charismatic and humorous way. She provided actionable takeaways we could immediately apply to our professional careers and personal lives. The event was standing room only and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

David Puvirajasingam Co-Chair, Diversity Council Kaiser Permanente

Ellen’s recent presentation on the “Art of Personal Branding” offered a highly engaging, interesting and fun reminder on what it means to manage our own personal brands. Ellen’s presentation style and humor made discussion on her highly relevant “8 Elements of Influence” both insightful and memorable!
Lillian Fong Vice President, Internal Audit, Visa

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RAVE Reviews for Ellen’s work!

Ellen’s presentations on personal branding were helpful in propelling our team forward in how their contributions are perceived by the rest of the company. She actively engaged the team through her exercises, tools and personal anecdotes.
David Gurney Vice President Marketing Hewlett Packard
Ellen’s workshops on Influence and Building your Brand were extremely well received. Her passion and authenticity, coupled with audience involvement and practical tools resulted in highly engaging and highly successful sessions.
Jody Levy VP, Global R&D Campbell’s Soup

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