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Charisma: The Secret Sauce for a More Powerful Personal Brand!

Personal Branding and Marketing Strategist

We all know “it” when we see it…but what really is “charisma” and how can we get it and use it effectively? Are only a lucky few born with it, or can it actually be acquired?

by Ellen Looyen

Webster defines it like this…

“Charismatic” people throughout history have had the unique ability to capture the imagination of others and inspire them to be supportive and devoted to a cause.”

You do not have to be rich, privileged or educated to project charisma!

Charisma is Positive Energy!

Charisma is an intangible energy and a strongly felt “presence” that is one of the most powerful non-verbal forms of persuasion and influence. It’s a unique quality that makes people feel immediately connected to you, comfortable with you and like you…even when they barely know you!

A “charismatic” personal brand delivers confidence, visibility, premium compensation packages, job security, more clients and more of life’s bounty. That’s because a Charismatic Personal Brand comes from deep inside and radiates out…naturally attracting people and opportunities.

Your Charismatic Personal Brand

We’ve all met people who are talented and great at what they do…but they seldom attract clients to buy their services, because their energetic impact is off-putting or draining to others. The most important aspect of a Charismatic Personal Brand is how you make others feel. The way we make others feel totally influences whether people want to do business with us.

Charismatic people capture the imagination of others simply by being themselves…they’re extra-human, versus super-human. They feel like one of us; and maybe even more vulnerable than us.

They seem to have nothing to hide or protect…they are very real and transparent and people find them energetically refreshing to be around. Maybe it’s because they encourage us all to be more vulnerable, authentic and intimate….and to be more of our real selves!

Ten Tips for Projecting Charisma

1. Smile a big, warm smile (early and often)

2. Develop a sense of humor

3. Get in touch with your emotions and develop self-understanding

4. Exude positive energy, confidence and empathy

5. Give sincere compliments

6. Make the best of what you’ve got… and constantly be improving

7. Respond more to energy and emotions than to words

8. Maintain an authentic interest in life and in people

9. Become as conscious of the world around you as you are of yourself

10. Quiet your mind to become more present, sensitive and live in the moment

Maya Angelou says it best;

“People will forget what you say, they’ll forget what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

Ellen Looyen, “America’s Leader in Personal Branding” has been in her own Branding, Marketing and Training business since 1988. She has helped all types of businesses (from entrepreneurial start-ups to major corporations, like Chevron ), discover their unique Brand identity and articulate their value in a compelling and charismatic way.

Ellen is the featured branding expert in the bestseller, “Get Clients Now” and is a frequent Branding Commentator on SF’s #1 radio station, KGO NewsTalk 810. To learn more visit Branded with Charisma and take the “Charisma Challenge”!