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Your company owns your job….
but you own your personal brand and career!

It’s NOT too late to get started, TODAY.
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Personal Branding is about how others perceive and experience you and the impression you leave behind. A critical tool for business and career success, your personal brand should convey the best version of yourself, communicate your uniqueness and value and energetically connect to those you want to influence.

Personal Branding eLearning Program
This eLearning Webinar is Endorsed by:
Cisco Systems
Kaiser Permanente
The Professional Business Women of CA
SF Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
“If you’re looking for an engaging way to re-energize yourself or your career, I highly recommend taking Ellen’s eLearning course on influence and branding. The live webinars were thought-provoking and the interaction with participants from other companies brought a broad perspective to the course. Working through the written assignments forced me to assess my current skills and values and reflect on the work I really want to pursue. Feedback from webinar “Study Buddies” helped to refine my thoughts. This course enabled me to clarify my career goals and craft a personal branding statement to attract opportunities that align with my goals.  

~Sue Levins, Director

Kaiser Permanente


Create the Best Version of Yourself!

  • Position and package yourself as a Leader in your company
  • Spotlight and promote your special talents (without feeling like you’re “tooting your own horn”)
  • Apply Ellen’s “Eight Elements of Influence “ to enhance your visibility, credibility and influence
  • Craft a compelling personal branding statement, a LinkedIn profile and a professional bio (for internal and external networking)
  • Exude the confidence, emotional intelligence and presence of a powerful and influential leader and instantly attract greater opportunities

You already have a personal brand… whether you’re managing it or not!

When people hear your name… several perceptions instantly come to mind. Are they the perceptions YOU would choose? If not, they should be. Your career might just depend on it!

Become the CEO of your Personal Brand!
As a result of my 8-week eLearning webinar program, people have increased their income, moved up the corporate ladder and become more emotionally intelligent, confident and influential.

Read what Ellen’s Global Clientele is saying:

Ellen’s 8 week Personal Branding virtual series helps people create and embody their personal brand. Her approach to personal branding is clear, direct, and leads to a path of self-discovery. She provides a safe space for authentic discussion which opens the door to growth. She is intuitive and instinctive in asking powerful, thought provoking questions. Ellen is open and transparent. She is passionate about her work and committed to her clients. Her system can shape one’s brand without compromising the uniqueness of the individual. As a coach it has been refreshing and motivating to be coached by Ellen."

Stace Millender Global Inclusion and Diversity Leader at Cisco Systems

"I LOVED Ellen’s Personal Branding Program! She provided a terrific step-by-step process which enabled me to really understand my core competencies, my unique value and my impact on others. Ellen is passionate, highly creative and very insightful; and I highly recommend all professional women (and men) take her course."

Leah Whitman IBM Sales Executive

I thought the course was very valuable for myself in my own career development and in developing my team. Personally, I’ve received positive feedback just for the fact that I asked for feedback via the surveys. It was a non-confrontational way for people to provide feedback they might not have provided otherwise. I noticed a distinct difference in the feedback from my clients in my prior role and from my peers in my current role. Although the feedback was positive, I now see an opportunity to work on further developing peer relationships. As I’ve been thinking about how to support team members in their individual development to meet their career goals the dialogue about tone of voice and staying present on phone calls was very helpful. Overall I found the course tremendously beneficial for myself and my team. I would absolutely recommend the course."

Kathy Devi Bailey Senior Manager, Employee Engagement Cisco Systems

Charisma’ is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Ellen…an abundance of high positive energy that inspires you to do things very differently. I met Ellen at a conference and was immediately impressed by the concept of Personal Branding and energetic influence as a way to increase ones effectiveness. Ellen became my branding coach and helped me communicate my value in a way that is true to me yet inspiring and differentiating. I loved Ellen’s coaching style and the e-learning program offers flexibility while delivering on the goals. Ellen made a big impact on how I communicate my value and has helped me feel at ease in doing that. It is now part of how I think and comes through in a natural and authentic way. I highly recommend Ellen’s coaching. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to call her….” July 14, 2012

Menexia Tsoubeli, Ph.D. Director, Research & Development,Campbell's Soup Company

Ellen is a great coach and has a natural instinct for understanding the business of branding. Of all the consultants out there, no one can so succinctly dissect and distill the key values that either a person or brand represents. She has a unique talent for analyzing individual attributes and then facilitating a process where language can be honed to communicate in ways that touch the clients we seek to most attract. And she works with people in an honest and candid manner — more than I can say for most consultants who rely more on cheerleading hype than on delivering true value. Working with her was an eye-opening experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” August 11, 2011.

Marisa Thompson Financial Analyst

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything”… It was one of the things that Ellen told us during an introduction Web seminar about personal branding… I was curious about what it really meant and wanted to know more… Here I am now a few months later, after this amazing coaching journey with Ellen and with a very powerful personal branding statement brilliantly crafted for me. On top of that, I have a fantastic new job which will allow me to live in harmony with my true self! I can say without any doubt that Ellen was instrumental in this amazing transformation. I have a strong sense of a future filled with good things: many successes and amazing experiences. Thank you Ellen for this wonderful gift!” June 13, 2012

Celine Landry, Regional Sales Manager, Quebec, Canada

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AND the entire eLearning Program – all at a Special Discount Price of Only $299

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personal branding e-learning course

My Personal Brand Advantage, Ellen’s instantly downloadable, e-learning program, helps you articulate your uniqueness and value and examine your impact on those you most want to influence. From start-to-finish, you will be expertly guided in creating an irresistible and energetic brand. in words, in-person and online. Upon completion, you will have created the best version of yourself, be perceived as a more credible and confident leader and become an opportunity magnet!

Module #1: Build Your Brand and Create the Best Version of Yourself! In Module #1, you will examine your unique strengths, values and your impact on those you most want to influence; and craft an irresistible brand, with step-by-step instructions for writing compelling sound bites for your online profile, professional bio, business brochure / website.

Module #2: Be Your Brand and Position Yourself as a Leader in your Field! In Module #2, you will get to examine the beliefs and behaviors that might be holding you back and tune up your Emotional Intelligence and Executive Presence. Employ Ellen’s Eight Elements of Enegertic Influence and project a confident and powerful presence and a deep belief in your own abilities.

Ellen’s e-learning program is a stand alone
do-it-yourself course that provides you with:

  • Cutting Edge Content
  • Self-paced Home Study
  • Time-Tested Proprietary Templates
  • Tools for Creating Online Profiles (LinkedIn), Brochures and Websites
  • Confidence and Credibility Brand Building with “8 Elements of Energetic Influence”

Step Three: Watch the Video and Listen to the recordings of Ellen’s Live Expert Coaching Sessions with other students, so you can benefit from their insights.

If you missed the LIVE WEBINAR Start Date, Get the pre-recorded version of the entire Brand-Building series AND the entire eLearning Program – all at a Special Discount Price of Only $299

“Ellen’s Branding Webinar was inspirational, energizing and deeply thought-provoking (I didn’t realize that this course was so much more than just “branding” as I understood it). Ellen was such an amazing instructor and I appreciated her positive energy! As a result, I gained a deeper knowledge and awareness of myself, and more importantly, of others, that will help me be more valuable and present “in the moment” (which is where it counts)! I am truly inspired to rethink the way I plan to show up in all of my every day interactions and to observe the world from the outside-in.”

Kitty Cheeks Client Relations/Program Manager, Cisco Systems


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this course be given again?

Yes. However, this offer reflects a discounted price which may not be repeated. (The Normal Price is $999 for live coaching and the modules).

2. How do I launch the e-Learning Program?
  • Click on link provided
  • Save zipped file to your desktop
  • Right click on zipped icon file for “My Personal Brand Advantage”
  • Click on extract all files and follow the next steps till you click on finish to extract the files
  • Click on the READ ME NOW file for important instructions about how to register for the live webinar sessions and your initial preparation.
  • Click on “My Personal Brand Advantage” Icon
  • Click on “My Personal Brand Advantage” folder to open it
  • Click on Launch_Presentation to start the e-learning program ( NOTE: the presentation is text only.  There is no audio track.)

*ATTENTION: This training will run on Macintosh computers (but not iPad or iPhone). It runs in a browser window, but does not need an internet connection to work. You might get a Flash warning when you first run the program, but just click OK on the warning and the program runs fine after that.

3. Is my tuition refundable?

No. All payments are final.

4. What happens if I miss a live session?

MP3 recordings will be available 48 hours after broadcast. Recording will exclude 1:1 breakout sessions.

5. What is the duration of each live session?

The live sessions are 90 minutes, which include 20 minutes of Q&A.

6. If I have a question between sessions can I email you directly?

Once registered you will be provided access to a participants forum where you can post questions.

7. When do I receive materials for the course?

Upon registration you can immediately download the complete set of course materials. If you do not receive the download link after completing payment, please contact us.

8. How much time should I allow for homework?

Like anything else, the more time you put into this, the more you will get out. However, 1 to 2 hours of preparation for each session is recommended.