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“America’s Leader in Personal Branding”


Ellen Looyen, America’s Leader in Personal Branding (this title was coined by The Conference Board, at a NYC Senior Executive Marketing Conference), founded her branding and communications consultancy over two decades ago. As a highly-regarded Thought Leader, re: Personal Branding, Leadership and Influence-Building, Ellen was one of the first on the radar screen to discuss the importance of combining personal branding with emotional intelligence and executive presence.

In her long career as a Branding Strategist, Ellen has helped brand divisions of major corporations (such as Chevron, Kaiser Permanente and Wells Fargo), as well as brand and launch countless small businesses, professional services and startups. And today, she also brings her seasoned branding expertise to Corporate America’s professional women and men who need to gain more visibility, credibility and influence to manage their careers and become leaders in their companies.

Helping a Global Corporate Clientele (in over 60 Countries) Advance Their Corporate Careers

As a branding strategist, Ellen knows what value and expertise to spotlight, re: a client’s skillset, passion and experience, to help them craft their unique and charismatic personal brand. Ellen found her own unique brand succinctly articulated in a fortune cookie. This special fortune read:

“You discover treasure where others see nothing unusual”

Simply stated, Ellen helps her clients mine for the “golden nuggets” of their personal brand and helps them craft and present a unique and compelling brand story to attract greater career opportunities and climb the corporate ladder. Ellen’s popular LIVE eLearning Webinars have a Global reach and are offered quarterly (as well as being sponsored annually by the Professional BusinessWomen of CA– And Kaiser Permanente and AAA have included Ellen’s unique brand & influence-building eLearning program in their permanent Career Development Training Library (the only one of its kind!).

A Pioneer Woman in Corporate America


Always the pioneer, Ellen was one of the first women in Sales in Corporate America, where she distinguished herself as a sales and training leader, at both IBM and Xerox. Ellen has a BA in Philosophy, from Temple University in Philadelphia, and extensive experience as a branding, influence and communications strategist. Ellen is the Bestselling author of: Branded for Life! 8 Elements to Transform Your Personal Brand, Career and Life. She is also the featured branding expert in C.J. Hayden’s best-selling book: Get Clients Now; and she is a Branding Commentator for CBS News, The Wall Street Journal and KGO Radio (San Francisco’s #1 Radio Station). Ellen’s inspiring Keynote talks have sold out the prestigious San Francisco Commonwealth Club (a Global Forum for Thought Leadership), all four times she has spoken there; and some of her clients (as a Trainer and Keynote/Conference Speaker), include: Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Oracle, Intel, Visa, HP, and eBay, Kaiser Permanente, AAA, Campbell Soup, Genentech and KPMG.

Enhancing Leadership Skills with Ellen’s “8 Elements of Influence”


Ellen has a unique talent for distilling the essence of people, products and services to discover what’s most unique and compelling about them; and she is always reminding her clients that: “The way people perceive you, has everything to do with your ability to influence, attract new clients and climb the corporate ladder.”

Ellen mentors and coaches Corporate professionals (such as Engineers, “Emerging Leaders” and Executives), entrepreneurs and salespeople, enhancing their confidence, Emotional Intelligence and Executive Presence to become more effective leaders (and she is especially passionate about facilitating Diversity and Women’s Leadership and Team Brand-Building programs). Originally a Native New Yorker, Ellen chose to live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area over 30 years ago because of her love of nature, sailing and the outdoors. In her personal time, Ellen can be found meditating, gardening or hiking one of the many gorgeous Bay Area trails with her beloved Black Lab, Lily, and other good friends.

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